California has it’s own unique set of rules and requirements regarding divorce and separation. It’ extremely important to the success of your case that your documents be prepared with as much knowledge of California law as possible.

What you need to know

A legal separation is an alternative to divorce. Some couples who choose this alternative do so as way to bring some closure to a relationship without having to completely end the marriage.

Why sepration is necessary

  • Individuals who have not officially terminated their marriage or domestic partnership through divorce cannot enter into a new marriage.
  • Change of marital status.
  • Property matters
  • Child matters
  • Protective Orders
  • Avoid divorce

Separation agreement

In California, spouses that have decided to separate may enter into a “separation agreement,” which is a legally binding contract that deals with all aspects of their separation, including issues of child support and visitation (if there are children), property division and alimony.

A benefit of a separation agreement over an  official “legal separation,” is you don’t have to go to court to enter into a separation agreement with your spouse.